• National Day of Action on the Overdose Crisis

    Men and their children sing and drum. 

    A woman ties arm bands on people who have lost someone to fentanyl. 

    Laura Shaver, president of Vancouver Area of Drug Users, speaks at the march today. 

    People who attended the march were asked to carry wooden feathers with them along the march. There were 914 feathers, each representing someone lost to fentanyl over the past year. 

    A man at the march carries a cofin through the downtown eastside. 

    The truck leading the march drives past the temporary overdose station at 58 West Hastings. 

    I've taken Dave's photo before. He is an advocate for prescription heroin. He spoke outside of Crosstown clinic. 

    A brief sit-in at Health Canada. Where people continued to drum and sing, as well as an open mic where people were able to tell their stories. This was followed by a moment of slience where people could call the names of their loved ones who were lost. 

    National Day of Action on the Overdose Crisis in Vancouver, BC. Marches happened in cities across the country. This was part of an effort to end the war on drugs and address real solutions to the fentanyl crisis. It also served as a public mourning for the over 914 lives that have been lost to overdose in the past year. 

  • Boudoir for Mothers | Jackie Dives Photo

    Two of the women from my last boudoir minis are moms, another two showed up wanting to take cozy photos in sweaters, and most of the women showed up without make up on or their hair all fancy. Hair and make up are great if you want to do them! But what I love is that they aren't required. And I love that two new moms showed up. And I mean really showed up. They want a record of their post-baby bodies. They wanted to feel real, and to work on loving themselves for being the life-creating, imperfect women that they are. That is brave. And I do my best to create a safe and compassionate environment for them. I know that in the moment they may feel vulnerable. I know that they might even feel apprehensive when they get the photos back. But they will love them. If not that day, they will love them more and more as each day passes. They will see their bravery, they will see their beauty, and they will never regret doing the session. They are taking active steps towards loving their true selves, and in doing that they are becoming stronger mothers. I look at these photos and I literally can't prevent my mouth from turning upwards on either side. They make my lips and my heart smile and radiate with affection and love.